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Aster Living
0333 400 8299 info@asterliving.co.uk


  • Telecare Telecare homepage listerPersonal alarms and sensors for safety and peace of mind.


  • HandiHelp HandiHelp avatarPractical services including minor electrical and plumbing work, repairs and home security.

Care and Repair

  • Care and Repair Care and Repair avatarAdapting your home to help keep you living there and maintain your independence.

Supported Living

  • Supported Living Supported living avatarSupport services for everyone, including those with a learning disability. From personal care to community life.

You can trust us

  • You can trust us You can trust us avatarOur quality services are accredited by a wide range of independent organisations.

Our customers

  • Watch our DVD Aster Living DVD avatarEvery day, Aster Living helps thousands of people to live their lives. Meet our customers and find out more.