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Aster Living
0333 400 8299 info@asterliving.co.uk


  • Telecare Telecare homepage listerPersonal alarms and sensors for safety and peace of mind.


  • HandiHelp HandiHelp avatarPractical services including minor electrical and plumbing work, repairs and home security.

Care and Repair

  • Care and Repair Care and Repair avatarAdapting your home to help keep you living there and maintain your independence.

Supported Living

  • Supported Living Supported living avatarSupport services for everyone, including those with a learning disability. From personal care to community life.

You can trust us

  • You can trust us You can trust us avatarOur quality services are accredited by a wide range of independent organisations.

Our customers

  • Watch our DVD Aster Living DVD avatarEvery day, Aster Living helps thousands of people to live their lives. Meet our customers and find out more.

Providing quality care and support for an independent life